Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter generally works with private clients, who have interesting stories to tell but aren’t writers. Ghostwriters are perhaps best known for ‘ghosting’ the biographies of the rich and famous, but they actually work with a real mix of people, be it those who wish to have their life stories on record for friends and family, those who want an official history of a family business, those who are looking to bring together their expertise of an industry in book form or those who have written a draft manuscript and require some editorial input and feedback from a fresh pair of eyes.

How does the ghostwriting process work?

Every project is different, and tailored to the requirements of the particular client. Normally though, the process starts with a conversation over the phone about what the client is hoping to achieve with the project. This acts as a ‘chemistry test’ between the writer and the client, to ensure that the writer is a good fit for the job. If everyone is happy, this is followed by a series of conversations, usually in person, where the client talks to the writer about what they want the work to cover. The writer records these sessions and the recordings form the basis of the work that they do.

What does a ghostwriter cost?

The truth is that the costs vary hugely depending on the size of the project, what the client is trying to achieve, how quickly they want it finished and whether large amounts of research will be necessary, amongst other variables. After the first consultation, the writer will put together a range of options for how to progress at different price points.

Can I invite Hester to speak to my organisation?

Absolutely! Hester loves talking about her work. She regularly gives lectures about her areas of expertise, and delivers workshops on how to ‘Write Your Memoir‘ and how to ‘Pitch a Book Idea and Get Published‘. Contact Hester for more details.