Writing & Editing Services

People say everyone has a book in them, and many have a longstanding dream to see their name in print. If you have always thought you might write a book one day, but life, work and family have meant that ‘one day’ has never come, perhaps it is time to get started and make it happen.

Maybe you have an idea. Maybe you have a manuscript at the back of the cupboard. Whatever stage you are at, help is at hand to give you the tools and motivation to take your project forward.

Hestor Vaizey - Memoir & Ghostwriting, Manuscript Editing, Mentoring

Memoir & Ghostwriting

If you have a story to tell or expertise to share but do not have the time to write the book, tell your story to an established writer who can do it for you.

Manuscript Editing

From a structural, big picture edit, to a detailed line edit, gain the help you need to unpack, re-pack and polish your book.

Proposal Writing

Get the help you need to create a book proposal from scratch or gain individual feedback on what you already have. Learn what agents and editors are looking for, and build a pitch that gives your idea the best chance of making it into print.


One to one sessions to guide you from an idea to a completed manuscript. Map out your book and get personalised support and expertise at every stage of the way.


Hester loves talking about her work. She has delivered lectures in Shanghai, Berlin and New York, amongst other places, and has spoken at literary festivals, on the radio and the television.

If you’d like Hester to come and talk to your organisation, please pick a title from the following list, or ask about a topic of your choice:

  • The Many Faces of Nazi Germany.
  • Surviving Hitler’s War: German experiences of War and Defeat.
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall. Life before and After.
  • A Revolution? Looking at Sex from 1900 to the Present.
  • How to Pitch a Book Idea and Get Published [workshop].
  • Write Your Memoir [workshop].

Here she is talking about people’s experiences of life behind the Berlin Wall: