Hester loves talking about her work. She has delivered lectures in Shanghai, Berlin and New York, amongst other places, and has spoken at the Cheltenham and Dulwich literary festivals, in bookshops and schools throughout the UK, as well as on The Today Programme, The Sunday Politics Show, London Live TV and the Discovery Channel.

If you’d like Hester to come and talk to your organisation, please pick a title from the following list, or ask about a topic of your choice:

  • The Many Faces of Nazi Germany.
  • Surviving Hitler’s War: German experiences of War and Defeat.
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall. Life before and After.
  • A Revolution? Looking at Sex from 1900 to the Present.
  • How to Pitch a Book Idea and Get Published [workshop].
  • Write Your Memoir [workshop].

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Here she is talking about people’s experiences of life behind the Berlin Wall: