Historian, Biographer, Ghostwriter

Hester Vaizey - Historian, Biographer, Ghostwriter

Hester Vaizey is an award-winning author of four books. Her interest in stories about people, and their different experiences initially took Hester down the road of history. Three degrees from Cambridge later, and five years working there as a professional historian, she is fully trained in bringing other people’s stories to life. 

Hester works with private clients, helping them to get their books off the ground. Some clients have interesting stories to tell but aren’t writers, so employ her as a ghostwriter, while others have written a draft manuscript and require some editorial input and feedback from a fresh pair of eyes. Good at understanding people and motives, Hester never tires of hearing a new story and she enjoys helping others to tell true stories well.

In the course of her work Hester has helped a number of first time authors transform their ideas into commercially successful books.

Hester Vaizey - Historian, Biographer, Ghostwriter