How to Pitch a Book Idea and Get Published: A Workshop

Have you always wanted to write a book, but never quite got round to starting? Make this the year! I run a fun yet practical workshop which aims to give you the tools and motivation to get going. You’ll have the opportunity to:

 Road-test your ideas with other, aspiring authors.
 Take part in thought-provoking exercises to generate new ideas.
 Learn about how to present your idea effectively.
 Understand the publishing process, from idea to publication.
 Gain top tips on how to get going and write that book!
 Get advice on writing a book from an experienced, published author.

Trust me, I’m an expert! I am an award-winning author of four History books. I ran the History Publishing List at The National Archives in Kew for the best part of a decade, and I have a successful track record of helping first time authors transform their ideas into commercially successful books.
Do get in touch if your organization would like to host a workshop, or if you need help writing a book. Indeed, I offer a range of writing services, be it advice on writing a book, or book editing services, or working as a ghostwriter for hire.