Books: Keep Britain Tidy

This collection of public information posters from the period 194575 is published in conjunction with the National Archives, where the original posters are located. The posters provide a fascinating insight into the policies and priorities of successive postwar governments, covering everything from the jobs people did, the food they ate, the amount of alcohol they drank and cigarettes they smoked to the wearing of motorcycle helmets and seat belts, road safety for children and Keep Britain Tidy campaigns. It includes almost fifty posters, over forty of them with perforations so they can be removed from the book and displayed.

Clever, colourful, creative … entertaining … a fascinating piece of social history and a chronicle of changing graphic styles. – Saga

Splendid … collected together, they document a vanished age. – The Spectator

Compelling … a fascinating insight into the attitudes of the time. – Aesthetica

Whatever your political position on the ‘nanny state’, the posters in Keep Britain Tidy provide a fascinating glimpse of postwar British culture. – Eye Magazine

Beautiful. – AGA Living

Brilliant … a fascinating insight into British social history and postwar propaganda. – Absolutely West